"The poor quality or overall lack of education in the Philippines is in my opinion the main reason many Pilipinos whore themselves out during election. Yes I said it: Pilipinos whore themselves out during election."

everyone that knows me personally know that i have so much hope for these islands but in the almost 2 years that i’ve lived here, i have come to realize that the people chosen by god to enjoy the wonders of this archipeligo is unworthy, generally. i hate to generalize but from my experiences in the last 20 months i think ive earned the right to.

flamboyant stupidity, abrasive audacity and callous carelessness from the “haves” have led this country into shit and the “have-nots” tendency to crab mentality, inability to understand a long term investment and failure to sacrifice only helps the rich’s mission to drown equality and justice to the deepest depth of oblivion.

re: janet napoles and her 10 billion peso scam. - how the fuck can one asshole get away with essentially putting 10 BILLION pesos in her pocket and just simply get away from it for years? and when she’s finally exposed, the government gave her a heads start until she finally vanished and then they came up with a warrant. i honestly cant put a finger on where my anger comes from. is it from the this atrocious offense or is it from the insult that came from the absolute audacity they had when they thought about getting away with practically murder in front of the entire country as its witness OR perhaps its from the government’s indirect claim of stupidity for letting this happened AND eventually letting this asshole get away.

but as much as the media and everyone else tries to crucify these full of shit politicians, i look unto the people who voted these full of shit politicians because they were handed a pitiful 1000 pesos on election day. it pains me to do it because i know many of them do it for their kids but i will not excuse them when i realize that they practically have sold their future, and mos tragically, their children’s future for a wholesale discounted price of 1000 pesos. i know it’s difficult to understand the intricacies of long term investment but i think it doesnt take much to understand that my child’s future is so much more than 1000 pesos. everyone in this country is to blame.

on the random trips ive taken to the distant provinces of these islands, i have made the following observation. the most distinct sound i have heard in my life is the cry of an animal who knows it is moments away from its end. i have heard this several times and there is nothing more tragic and simultaneously beautiful than the sound of peace when that animal dies. this country is a breath away of its last cry for justice and equality and i fear that it will soon meet its ultimate end and my desire to fight for it will soon come to fully understand that beautifully tragic peace i have often heard when those animals died.

god bless these beautiful islands. live free

Manila has broken me several times now. Heartbreak after heartache after heartbreak. But im still standing on these islands like i dont give a fuck boy.

My security is the fact that i’ve lived a complete life and im still far from the winter of my life.

A couple of days ago ive fell into a deep depression for reasons i’d rather not speak about, and manila with its blatant callousness did not spare me any room to breath. She even finally caught up to me with the kind of food poisoning that she’s notoriously known for. As i crinched like a 10 month old pregnant lady suffering through a month-old overdue contractions in the back of an air-conditioned cab that did not have air condition, i said defiantly and with full conviction inside my head, “fuck you manila, you’ll never get me to fold.”

I thought of the beautiful moments i shared with her, the sweetness she once whispered in my welcoming ears by way of her midnight breezes as she simultaneously burned my soul each time she stared at it with her unforgiving eye, the sun- i am lucky despite the heartbreak she made me feel.

I know that when we finally go our separate ways, exist through distance and time, we will always think of one another and hold the moments that made us better. I hope that these beautiful islands can one day find whatever little change i offered for its growth, the deep love i devoted to her and sincere thoughts i acted upon her.

These past couple of days i worried how my life would be away from her beauty. But then i realize that one way or another i will float easy. I always do. These difficults moments are exactly just that - moments!

Despite everything, and regardless of what happens, i will be at peace because i am from a place where people celebrate whatever little they have with a semi-frozen beer in some distant island as they listen to the ocean serenade the shores their islands.